Book Jarrod's Affordable Spring Cleaning in Manchester

Book Jarrod's Spring Cleaning in Manchester any day of the week and any season of the year. Get experienced cleaners when you want them and tell them exactly what work you'd like done. You'll pay affordable prices for quality workmanship on a one-off occasion. You get the reliability you'd expect from a regular cleaner. And the convenience of booking just what you want, exactly when you want it.

Call us or use our chat service when you want to book your cleaning as quickly as possible. When you just want to send a general question, or to set up a call from us use our contact form.

Jarrod's Spring Cleaning Services That are a Breeze to Set Up

There's no paperwork to deal with. No contract to sign. It's very simple. Tell us when you'd like your Manchester spring cleaning services. We'll send someone along to get the job done:

  • Contact us 24/7 to find out about our low hourly rates.
  • Decide how many cleaners you'd like and how long for. Then get a free quote, instantly and at no obligation.
  • Ask our cleaners to use your usual products, or get us to send a package of specialist eco-friendly cleaning solutions.
  • Book your cleaning for any day that suits you, even at the weekend or on a bank holiday.
  • Use this service purely as a one-off, or as a way of checking our work out before booking regular domestic cleaning!
  • Get discounts on certain specialist services, such as oven cleaning, when your combine it with general one off cleaning.

Getting the Best Value from Your One Off Cleaners in Manchester

Our customer advisers will be delighted to help you plan your spring cleaning services. To make sure your appointment is a focused as possible, they'll ask some of the following questions.

What do you want included in spring cleaning? Any general cleaning tasks done inside your home can be included. Ask your cleaners to work right through your house, or to concentrate their attention on particular jobs or rooms. You can include things like washing up, ironing, or putting laundry through the wash, as well as the more traditional jobs like cleaning kitchen appliances, polishing furniture, dusting, internal window cleaning, or wiping down doors and skirting boards.

How many cleaners? Tell us what work you'd like done and we'll advise on whether you should book a single cleaner or a team of two or more. When you want the job done as quickly as possible, it makes sense to book a team. Two cleaners are able to shift heavy furnishings or appliances to clean behind them. For lighter cleansing, a single cleaner might be a sensible choice

How long a service? We have guide-line timings for most common jobs. Tell us what you want done, and we'll suggest an appropriate length of service. Your cleaners will start with the jobs you've identified as most urgent, and work hard through your session to get as much done as possible in the time you've booked.

Trust Jarrod's Cleaning Services Manchester with Your One Off Cleaning

Our cleaning is provided under full insurance, and is delivered by ID-verified and reference-vetted cleaners. Your spring cleaning is subject to our quality control program. You might get a call when the cleaners have left. Just to make sure you're happy with how everything has gone!

Before you make a booking you must agree with Cleaning Services Manchester Terms and Conditions.

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We've been on an extended holiday, the cruise my husband has been promising me for so many years....

Matt Smith


Thank you for a very thorough job on our after builders cleaning. It was the perfect finishing...

Lars Phelps


I am writing to recommend your company to anyone who is considering using you. Service is prompt...

John Richards

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